How fast can you move from an impactful idea to a live product?

How we dreamt up a platform and made it happen in 8 days - Our Product Director Harri explains.


At Red Badger, it’s incredibly common for us to speak to people, clients or otherwise, who have brilliant ideas. Not small ideas market-changing, behaviour-altering, competitor-leapfrogging ideas. The problem is they’re just ideas, and, without any dedicated resource, capability, or budget, that’s all they’ll remain. 

Action is just as important as inspiration. This understanding led us to wonder: how fast could we go from an impactful idea to a live product? Once the question was out there, we set about answering it. While we love a complex corporate challenge, we’re also advocates of “tech for good” and using our skills to create social impact. So we made it our mission to make something at speed and make a difference. The result? ShareThyme – a platform to connect generations through cooking.

From the brief to finding and validating the idea, to building the platform. All created, briefed, validated and tested within only 8 days. 

So, how did we do it?
Thanks to a few handy principles, we facilitated a rapid build in just 8 days:

  1. Work in a small, nimble, data-driven, colocated cross-functional team.
    This included two part-time stakeholders plus a full-time team made up of one product owner, one delivery lead, one brand designer, one user experience designer, one product designer, one tech lead, two engineers, and one test lead.
  2. Keep the scope to a limit.
    Defining our “Minimum Desirable Product” has helped with this. Sticking with two core user journeys for the teacher onboarding and the student sign-up. No bells. No whistles.
  3. Continuous feedback is everything.
    We vowed to test early and often, going out on the streets and speaking to people, using everything from paper wireframes to clickable prototypes.
  4. Be prepared to pivot or throw it away.
    We agreed we’d always be ready to pivot, or even trash our idea, as we learnt more.


Want to know more?
Check out the full article by Harri on Mind the Product here and gain tips and tricks on how to create an innovative, digital product with speed and without the risks.

Want to cook up an innovative platform yourself? We can help. Let’s have a chat.

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