Harnessing passion and purpose: lessons from those who’ve done it

On May 27, 2021, Harriet Green OBE, Executive Chair of Mission Beyond and the former CEO of IBM Asia Pacific and Thomas Cook, hosted a LinkedIn Live panel with Manny Amadi MVO, CEO of C&E Advisory and Cain Ullah, Founder and Board Member of Red Badger. They shared insights on combining passion and purpose in the world of business to affect social change, as well as their efforts in developing the Mission Beyond initiative.

Here are our key takeaways:

Purpose can’t be confined to the boardroom

To create enduring shareholder value through purpose-led work, societal considerations must live at the heart of your business strategy—with people throughout the organisation empowered to act on it. By adopting a philosophy of enlightened self-interest (i.e. furthering the interests of others to ultimately serve your own interests) you can ensure purpose-led initiatives aren’t just an internal activity, but are intentionally designed to create impact outside the walls of your organisation.

Measure the impact you’re trying to make

With Mission Beyond, over 1,000 hours were undertaken to listen, work, and hone in on a specific challenge area in social mobility. By applying Red Badger’s product innovation process, a prototype for a new digital platform has been validated by potential users and partners prior to its build phase, giving the team confidence to answer the ‘exam question’ that said platform can credibly support underserved young adults in kick-starting their careers.

Now is the time to get involved and work collaboratively

Collective impact comes from working across organisations and by ‘leaning in’ to traditional competitors, we can affect change against the grand challenges that no single organisation can solve. And within each organisation, highly diverse teams can bring a wide array of skills to bear on the problems they face—as long as they always communicate openly, constructively and directly to achieve the best outcomes.

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