How to make good choices


We were talking recently about how to make good choices. There’s an extremely valid answer to this question around data-led decision making, but on an emotional level, I’d suggest not being afraid to make bad choices is often the most important step.

Writing as someone who’s stood in a supermarket aisle with a raging internal monologue about which flavour of yoghurt to choose, I know just how much anguish choice paralysis can be - especially when you’re faced with key business decisions and not just your dairy preferences. 

To borrow Jeff Bezos’s classification of decisions, recognising which are Type 1 and which are Type 2 will really help. Type 1 decisions are the big scary ones that are very difficult to reverse and bring about fundamental changes. These are the ones worth the number crunching, the meetings, the research and the struggles in efforts to get right. But more often than not, you’ll be me in the supermarket, strawberry in one hand and peach in the other, staring down a Type 2 decision.

Plump for the wrong one? The chances are you’ll still be ok with the path you took, and if you do need to switch back, the shop will still be there tomorrow.

(In case you’re wondering, I went for strawberry. It was great).

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