Learning to adapt

2020 has certainly been a rollercoaster of a year as many people - myself included - found themselves working from home at the kitchen table or out of the spare room.

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As an Office Manager it felt unnatural to be sat at home – the whole point of my role is to be in the office managing the day to day running of things – but I had to adapt my ways of working, and make sure my role was still as relevant as ever as we moved through the pandemic. 

Once we were able to open the office again for a small number of people, it was extremely odd to walk back into an empty office and a very empty Old Street. It felt almost apocalyptic. However, it was my role to make sure that our office complied with COVID-19 safety measures, so myself along with some of my colleagues, began the process of labelling desks, doors and buying hand sanitisers in bulk. 

In August this year, I celebrated my first year as a Badger, and over the last 10 months, I have found that there are still lots of jobs for me to do, even when the office is closed, to ensure that Red Badger continues to run like clockwork. In this time I have also taken on a lot more community projects, from organising our very first virtual React meet-up to creating a weekly newsletter and sending out lots of vitamin D and sweets as care packages to the team, resulting in me spending a lot of time at the Post Office.

One of my biggest achievements this year has been organising our Winter Social which will be completely virtual, so I just hope it goes without a hitch. Securing a headline comedy act is not easy...

Whilst this year has been challenging and hard for everyone, for me it's been an opportunity to balance work and life, and since becoming a puppy mum to my little dachshund Eddie I feel I have grown personally but also professionally. I learned that taking on new things is rewarding and yet sometimes a little daunting – and it’s OK to be scared and make mistakes. And don’t be afraid to ask tons of questions, otherwise, you never learn.

Thankfully I am surrounded by a bunch of awesome colleagues who support and encourage me each and every day, and even though I haven't been able to hang out with them face to face I know I can reach out to them anytime.

I don’t know what the office will be like once we return, but I hope we can continue to balance life/work in a way that works for everyone. Overall my first year as a Badger has been somewhat different from expected, but what a crazy and memorable first year it's been! 

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