Monorepos, lifelong learning and ways of working - here's what our tech director Viktor has to say

Picture of Viktor, our Tech Director

Following his feature on the benefits of using a monorepo, our own Viktor Charypar, Tech Director at Red Badger, sat down again with Packt to outline not just about monorepos and digital transformation, but also how Red Badger works.

In the piece (which you can read in full here), Viktor notes that large enterprises are not just looking to transform their tech, but also to transform how they work with the tech and each other. This shift has been reflected in the trends Red Badger has seen with its own clients. More organisations are working with Red Badger to change their culture to align teams and adopt agile delivery methods, not just tackle the problem first presented, but going deeper to the real issues at hand.

In addition to this, Packt explored the tools Red Badger uses and the tech approach as a whole. Viktor highlighted the importance of Red Badger’s training budget in helping employees get their head around bleeding-edge software, alongside the culture of experimentation to find the right tools for the right solution.

You can find out more over at Packt. If you’re interested in learning more about the tech we use and the solutions we can provide, please get in touch at

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