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One metric that most eCommerce Product Owners look at is conversion rate. This is usually the number of orders in a day divided by the number of site visits. We trend this metric, we compare it week-on-week and year-on-year and we optimise our sites to improve conversion rate performance. 

One thing that often surprises me is how poorly the factors that influence conversion rates are understood. The general trend in the industry is that mobile traffic is increasing yet mobile conversion is poorer than desktop. There are many things you can do to improve mobile performance, if you’re not taking advantage of PayPal, ApplyPay or the like, this is a really good way to increase mobile conversion. 

If you want to understand the levers you can pull when it comes to mobile conversion I would start by looking at your channel mix. If your social performance is lower than other channels this will impact your mobile performance more than desktop - simply because the vast majority of people access social media via a mobile phone. The performance difference here may have nothing to do with device type but may be due to the social user journey or any social specific offers you’re running.

Similarly, if you’re using a channel to send people to different parts of your website it could be customer journeys causing fluctuations and differences in your conversation rates. Spend some time digging into your data to understand what journeys are working for you and what factors influence those journeys. Don’t rely on single views of mobile and desktop conversion that hide what’s really happening.

For help with customer journeys analysis and getting under the skin for your data, you can get in touch with Red Badger and speak to one of our Data & Insights Specialists.

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