Opinion Andy Craig

How to make good choices

We were talking recently about how to make good choices. There’s an extremely valid answer to this question around data-led decision making, but on an emotional level, I’d suggest not being afraid to make bad choices is often the most important…

Opinion Katrina Frost

Learning to adapt

2020 has certainly been a rollercoaster of a year as many people - myself included - found themselves working from home at the kitchen table or out of the spare room.

Rowan Wijegoonawardena

How to talk about race?

What I learnt from Lloyd’s Diversity and Inclusion champion.

Sarah Chowdhury, Diversity and Inclusion champion at Lloyd’s Bank kindly took the time to talk to us at Red Badger about race in the workplace with her talk titled “Talking about…

Rob Armes

Avoiding testing bias with a small pool of users

As a user experience designer user testing is a key component of the UXD process, offering the opportunity to test if your designs will work for your users and give you a greater overall understanding about the product you are building. 

Sean Gabriel

Working in the open with FutureNHS

When Red Badger first started working with the NHS on the next version of their collaboration platform, FutureNHS, we were incredibly excited by the opportunity to have an impact on one of the nation's most beloved public services during a critical…

technology Viktor Charypar

8 principles to guide your tech choices

How do we make agile technology choices – especially those ones where we have relatively little information to use as input but our decision is likely to have a big impact on what we’re building? Here are 8 guiding principles.