The ultimate baking competition with ShareThyme’s ambassadors Val and Selasi

Previously we announced our ShareThyme’s exclusive baking competition to celebrate the social platform’s new ambassadors - former Great British Bake Off contestants Val Stones and Selasi Gbormittah. Two lucky people have been given the chance to experience a personal baking masterclass with the two of them.

So, a few weeks ago, the time had come. ShareThyme’s ambassadors teamed up with the competition winners Kira and Nkosi to create the ultimate Bakewell Tart.

We’ve all had a great day, filled with laughter, cheeky petty jabs, learning new baking tricks and most importantly tasting the amazing Bakewell Tarts created by the teams. But as we all know, sharing is caring. So we’ve filmed this special day to share the experience with you all and give you a taste of ShareThyme.

So, here it is. We hope you enjoy it.



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From our side, watching our ambassadors and winners connecting through baking has shown us once again that ShareThyme is a great enabler to bring people together, create meaningful relationships. But overall, that it is a much-needed tool to connect the generations.

We’re really proud to have built ShareThyme from one simple idea to a working platform ready for the user in just 8 days. Innovation doesn't need to be complicated or take a long time. Building products can be simply, speedy and risk-free. Plus, constantly testing with real users and continuously improving add to its success.

We’re still on its journey, but seeing it transform from an internal idea at Red Badger to a digital innovative product that’s connecting people makes us truly proud. We’re really excited to continue ShareThyme’s journey. 

If you’re keen to get involved, either cooking yourself or as a partner or sponsor, please get in touch


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