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Badger Life Opinion Tom Barwick

Interning at Red Badger

Four months into my second internship with Red Badger, I’m here to give you my opinion about what it’s really like to work here. Daily life, social experiences and free holidays. There’s a lot going on at Red Badger.

Badger Life Becca Evans

Boats, Beaches and Badgers - Obonjan 2017

We are known for throwing amazing summer parties - last year we flew everyone out to a castle in Leipzig which we all thought would be pretty hard to top - but somehow we managed it again..

Badger Life Opinion Tian Gan

A week at Red Badger

After circling the block a second time, I finally stumbled across the entrance to Red Badger's new office building, camouflaged by construction workers adding finishing touches to the surrounding area (I’ll admit - I needed some help from Saadia,…

Badger Life Lani Shamash

It's World Refugee Day

This World Refugee Day we want to celebrate the wonderful contribution of refugees to Red Badger.  As a London-based tech consultancy we feel and know their benefits more than most; from the people in our company who hail from over 24 countries and…

News Badger Life Lani Shamash

Red Badger’s got GAYE

Here at Red Badger we’ve been thinking about how we can deliver more social value as a company. And one of the simplest ways was payroll giving, aka Give As You Earn.

technology Badger Life Roman Schejbal

Skilling Up With Alexa

For the last couple of weeks, Graham, Marcel, Sinem and I have been experimenting with Amazon’s Alexa Echo Dot. An Electric Hockey Puck that uses voice recognition powered by Amazon Alexa voice assistant. In this blog I’d like to explain how one…

technology Badger Life Fabio Volpe

Karma Tracker

Karma Tracker is an internal project at Red Badger, implemented in Clojure, that tracks contributions to OpenSource projects by the members of an organisation. It allows us to keep track of Red Badger's contributions to the OpenSource world. What…

Badger Life Becca Evans

A Badger's guide to London

Getting Around

Getting around London is very easy. The London Underground (Tube) is super quick and the buses come every 2-3 minutes. Although, the best way to see everything will be to walk - the tube map can be deceiving - everything is a lot…

Badger Life Toby Merlet

Learning to program with the world's best hypnotists.

Everybody was very focused during this 2 day seminar. Veerryy Fooccussedd… And I'm sorry to disappoint, but they were not teaching us to program JavaScript, Closure or Elixir. This was about a different sort of programming altogether.

Badger Life Hanna Cevik

TL;DR: you’re not a unicorn anymore

Living in the technical community in Shoreditch, I’m overexposed to web geekery in comparison to those who don’t work in tech but because I don’t code for a living, much of it still passes me by. The questionable grammar – “internet all the things”,…

Badger Life Tania Pasia

Screen Printing workshop

The benefits of creative activities have been the focus of several studies over the years proving that engaging in creative activities has multiple benefits to our mental health and physical wellbeing. When these activities take place within a…

Badger Life Roisi Proven

Celebrate National Badger Week

It’s National Badger Week. I thought I’d take this time to talk a little bit about our namesake, and the qualities that we share (and some that we don’t).

Process Badger Life Hanna Cevik

What's the point of going to conferences?

We have a £2,000 annual training budget at Red Badger that can be used however we like. Most people use it to travel to attend a conference in the US, Asia-Pacific or somewhere equally exciting. Training is really specific to your job role and…