Alex Savin

Nodeconf Budapest 2014

Suddenly, there is this moment in your life when you find yourself at the Node JS conference in Budapest. A one day single track event named One-Shot, with a bunch of speakers and a nice variety of topics, complemented with great Kenyan coffee and…

technology David Wynne

All Your Base 2013

Last Friday Joe and I attended All Your Base in Oxford "a database conference for web developers".  There were speakers from MIT, Lanyard, Hailo and Box to name but a few.

Stuart Harris

Tech Round Table 2013 H1

The first half of 2013 has reinforced Red Badger’s belief in polyglot architectures and solutions built from small, sharp tools.

David Wynne

Tech Round Table 2012

Last Tuesday we got together as a tech team (developers, testers, agile project managers) and held a Tech Round Table of 2012. The premise was simple - let’s make a list of all the tech we’d used in 2012 and then figure out what we liked best, what…

Can Gencer

QCon Notes Part 1: The Rise of Erlang

Last week most of my time was spent at QCon London. QCon is an annual international software development conference in London that covers a broad range of topics within the software development world. After looking through the schedule for this…