technology Mark Holland

React London Meetup - February 2018

The February edition of React London brought us to the World Remit offices located between Westminster and Victoria. The sound of drinks and conversation filled the room but noticeably absent was the promised pizza.

Dominik Piatek

The most important part of your CSS

There is a bit of CSS that you will write or more likely use from a library that will influence your whole project. It is crucial and it’s quality and adequacy can make or break your productivity as you develop. That CSS is the famous (or infamous!)…

Dominik Piatek

Writing better CSS with meaningful class selectors

With the rise of frameworks like React, Angular, Ember and the Web Components spec, the web seems to be moving towards a more components based approach to building apps. The abstractions for these are getting better, except for one part: CSS. In…

Stephen Fulljames

The Makeshift Gradient

Recently we helped our friends (and new "flatmates") at Makeshift to build the first iteration of their website. They wanted something quick, lean and simple to get a presence out there without burning a load of time they could put to better use on…