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Engineering at Scale - 5 key learnings

As an organisation grows, scaling its engineering capability presents a number of challenges: How to maintain velocity? What is the right balance between autonomy and alignment? How do I measure the success of my teams? What is the leanest way to…

UX & Design Sam Griffiths

A labour of love

This a short blog about a small job, but one that plays well to one of our guiding principles, to “Find a way”. We wanted to invite people to a day at the Wimbledon Championships, but to tell the story right we need to start at the beginning.

Jon Sharratt

Retrospective, Firestarter Event - Day One

So it has been a little while since I last talked about the Firestarter event that I proposed and successfully ran on the 31st January, finally I have managed to get around to giving you a cheeky flavour of what it was like along with what did and…

Jon Sharratt

Firestarter Events

Before last year closed out and we headed off for festivities and copious amounts of booze I mentioned a new idea to introduce Red Badger employees the opportunity to use their training budget (£2,000 each year) to invest in our own ideas.  I am…