Process Cain Ullah

Building a Fortnum & Mason e-commerce Store in Two Days

Why doing it differently produced an innovative minimum viable product and enabled a better supplier selection process for Fortnum & Mason

Red Badger believes delivering an effective pitch to clients means showing them results, not talking about…

leadership Cain Ullah

Let Your Customers Lead the Way

Is the innovation in your business agile enough for you to keep up?

Over the last year we have done a wealth of very different projects for a host of very different companies. In every project we have done, one thing has come across loud and clear,…

technology Cain Ullah

Choosing the right way to go mobile

With retailers going out of business at the rate of 50 a year no-one can afford to get mobile wrong

The importance of the mobile channel to today's retailers won't come as a surprise to anyone involved in technology buying decisions in the retail…

UX & Design Sari Griffiths

Agile Survival Guide for Designers

Are you a designer about to work in agile teams? Or are you a scrum master and don’t know how to handle your ever so grumpy creatives?

Red Badger works with agile methodology and I really like the way we work here. Surprised to hear a designer…