Stuart Harris


I should have written this post a while ago because something I love is not getting the traction it deserves and writing this earlier may have helped in some small way to change that.

Jon Sharratt

Jam.js and Bower

Over the last few months of last year we have been crafting away and exploring many new exciting frameworks and technologies.  So many to mention...... but our core stack as of late has mostly consisted of node.js.  As people of node.js know the npm

Stephen Fulljames

Back in the sett

Hello, I'm Stephen. I'm a front-end web developer, focusing these days mainly on Javascript and Node but with a wide range of experience in most of the technologies that make stuff look good in a web browser.

Can Gencer

QCon Notes Part 2: The Future Application Platform

Unsurprisingly, there were several talks about the web and JavaScript at QCon. There is no doubt about the meteoric rise of JavaScript in the recent years, and it's hard to imagine that this will not continue. Web browsers have been powered by…

Stephen Fulljames

HTML5 prototyping with Node and Knockout

Over the past couple of months, a small team at Red Badger has been working on a number of HTML5 prototypes for an interesting client. Speed of development and easy iteration have been essential so we've taken the opportunity to try out a new…