technology Matt Paul

We love peer to peer web

Last Wednesday, we hosted the first meetup under our new tech community brand The idea is to host regular meetups, each with a different theme. The theme might be a particular framework or language or it could be something broader…

technology Mark Holland

React London Meetup - February 2018

The February edition of React London brought us to the World Remit offices located between Westminster and Victoria. The sound of drinks and conversation filled the room but noticeably absent was the promised pizza.

technology Badger Life Amy Crimmens

We Love (beta)

We’ve been running the React London community since 2014 and we’ve had a lot of fun, met a lot of great people and even hosted a conference that people came from all over the world to attend.

technology Matt Paul

React London Meetup - August 2017

After a brief summer hiatus, the React London monthly meet up made it’s way back to Skills Matter in Moorgate. Voodoo Rays supplied the pizza this time, and it was almost certainly the finest, and most definitely the largest, amount of pizza I have…

technology Stelios Kiayias

React London Meetup - June 2017

This month’s meet-up was at Skillsmatter (near Red Badger’s HQ); there was plenty of pizza, beer and React geekery. Oh, there was even a ping-pong table, some people decided to play as they were waiting for the presentations to kick-off.

technology Roman Schejbal

React London Meetup - May 2017

After a short break we are back with another monthly meetup and here is a short summary for those who missed it. As always, we had an absolute mountain of pizza - 110 boxes tall this time. By the way, that’s more than the number of tweets (76)…

technology Seb Flippence

React London Meetup September 2016

Free beer and pizza, developers, and maybe React talks? You’ve come to the right place! This month’s React London Meetup was held at Skillsmatter, CodeNode, which a great place for like minded developers to socialise, share their ideas and see the…

technology Melissa Marshall

React London Meetup July 2016

Summer is finally (somewhat) here. With it came our July React London meetup where several hundred React enthusiasts traded the heat for pizza, beer and three stellar talks (which you can watch here).

technology Leon Hewitt

London React Meetup – April 2016

An evening of testing workflows and dynamically built forms awaited visitors to Code Node last Wednesday when the London React Meetup was once again in town. Tom Duncalf kicked things off by describing what he has found to be effective unit and…

Alex Savin

London React meetup - June 2015

It’s summer in London. Despite the sun and Wimbledon outdoor screenings, we assembled once again at cozy Facebook Euston office with fellow Reactors to catch up on the latest cool trends and tools.