technology Stelios Kiayias

React London Meetup - June 2017

This month’s meet-up was at Skillsmatter (near Red Badger’s HQ); there was plenty of pizza, beer and React geekery. Oh, there was even a ping-pong table, some people decided to play as they were waiting for the presentations to kick-off.

UX & Design Opinion Greg Dorward

Accessibility: Five steps to start now

Thursday the 18th of May is Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

As part of our effort to promote this event, we’ve put together five steps that anyone involved in web development can take to make the internet a more inclusive environment for all.…

Strategy Harriet Adams

Are you learning to fail, or failing to learn?

I've lost count of the number of times organisations have told me they have a "fail fast, fail often" approach to delivering projects. This isn’t a new idea, but in practice, so few companies are open to systematically trying new things, making…

technology Graham Mendick

Why are my React Tests so Shallow?

Enzyme is a testing utility library for React. It lets you shallow render your components one level deep so you can test them in isolation. I'll show the problem with shallow rendering and what you should use instead when unit testing React…

technology Leon Hewitt

London React Meetup – April 2016

An evening of testing workflows and dynamically built forms awaited visitors to Code Node last Wednesday when the London React Meetup was once again in town. Tom Duncalf kicked things off by describing what he has found to be effective unit and…

Process Leila Firouz

Knowing the elephant: mobbing way

Once upon a time, six blind men went to find out what an elephant is.The first man touched the legs of the elephant and thought, an elephant is like a big pillar or a tree with strong skin. The second man touched the tail and came to the conclusion…