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UX & Design Reece Wykes

When life gives you lemons… you throw a party

Branding the Summer party 2018

The Brief

I’ve heard numerous tales about the famous Red Badger summer parties, and this year I was lucky enough to not only attend, but also take on the challenge of branding the weekend. The Badgers and their plus…

UX & Design Sam Griffiths

A labour of love

This a short blog about a small job, but one that plays well to one of our guiding principles, to “Find a way”. We wanted to invite people to a day at the Wimbledon Championships, but to tell the story right we need to start at the beginning.

UX & Design Sam Griffiths

Branding the Pride in London app

What’s branding got to do with it?

We decided early on that we’d need to do some brand thinking around the app. The Pride in London brand is well established, but it has not been designed specifically with digital applications in mind. We knew that…

UX & Design Sasha Ward

Information Architecture in 2018

A brief history

Information Architecture (IA) originated from library and information sciences - it’s the study of how information is created, managed and organised.

Badger Life technology UX & Design Reece Wykes

Helping to weave a rainbow

We are very proud to be working with Pride in London on their events app to be in user's hands in time for the forthcoming festival. We've been working closely with the Pride team through workshops, regular face-to-face catch-ups and over Slack.

leadership UX & Design Andreas Conradi

Consultant skill 2: A more intentional inquiry

When a problem is initially stated, everyone assumes they understand it in the same way. That might be false because we tend to unconsciously fill the gaps with our own projections, and colour in the words with our own point of view. 

Opinion UX & Design Froso Ellina

When age isn’t just a number


The demographic landscape of our cities is changing as our cities grow and the population ages. The number of people in the UK aged 85 or more is expected to be more than double in the next 25 years.