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UX & Design Steve Cottle

Ux London 2017 - Day 1, Product

After a short stroll down Deptford’s Creekside, the sky blue T-shirts of the volunteers came into view. Past hidden industrial units, artist’s spaces and railway arches there appeared an iridescent box glimmering in the sunshine of the hottest day…

Opinion UX & Design Greg Dorward

Accessibility: Five steps to start now

Thursday the 18th of May is Global Accessibility Awareness Day.

As part of our effort to promote this event, we’ve put together five steps that anyone involved in web development can take to make the internet a more inclusive environment for all.…

UX & Design Sasha Ward

Hats off to you developers

This time 3 months ago (give or take) I didn't have much of an understanding of how to code. I’d been working with digital products for two years by then but my background in product/industrial design meant that I had been focussed on creating…

UX & Design Sinem Erdemli

Onboarding, end of life and everything in between

“Thank you for signing up!”Phew. You finally got them. Perhaps you’ve teased your latest paying customer with a free month to their annual subscription, or lured them in with shiny promises that’ll change their life. Whatever the reason, they bought…

Process UX & Design Sari Griffiths

Cross-functional teams without UXD

This title is a bit of an oxymoron. You can’t really call it a cross-functional team if there isn’t UX and Design in it to deliver your product. But we see so many times we have to dig deep to keep these disciplines in our delivery teams.

UX & Design Clementine Brown

Mob Designing – is it a thing?

Yep, we know about mob programming. It’s a technique the developers use here at Red Badger to work through stories, from complex programming problems to deciding on the lexical semantics of CSS, and is based upon the concept that more brains are…

UX & Design Sinem Erdemli

Putting context in user stories with Jobs to Be Done

The Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) Framework is a powerful tool to understand customer context and innovate for success. In a market place full of distracted, unpredictable humans innovating takes more than knowing your customer demographics, you need to…